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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get from potentially new clients. Of course we welcome all questions! If these don't answer your question then please give us a call or text at 512-662-6355!

why can I only book the first 2 weeks of each month?

New client booking is only available the first 2 weeks due to limited availability. This gives existing clients a chance to get an appointment and allows us to still be able to take on new clients.

how far out in advance can I book during the new client window?

New clients can book as far as 6 months out! This is perfect for those who don't need an appointment in the current month but would like to secure their pups next appointment with us. 

why must I book online for my first visit?

We require card information to be on file and policy and procedures paperwork to be signed. This way your private information is protected! There are also tons of health questions that are asked about your pet to insure we are providing a safe and healthy environment for them.

why do you need my card information?

Card information is required to cover no-shows and late cancellation fees only, your card will not be charged for any other reason. All card numbers are protected, if you need to change your card info then it must be done in person and by the client. 

Will my pet be at the salon all day?

Nope! We work one on one with your pets so that your time is your time! Time is dependent on the size of pets and at most we ask for 3 hours for the big babies, no more than 2 hours for the little ones. Your first appointment will mostly be about learning who your pet is and what they do or don't like. We also ask that clients pick up within an hour of the pet being ready, this way your pet stays as stress free as possible​!

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